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Amateur Dramatics (Medics Muscial)

This year's Medics Musical will be... 


This hit rock musical will be performed by the wonderful 4th years on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March 2023 at the Nottingham Arts Theatre in town. 

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Membership Fees:

Cast members: £7

Backstage/Orchestra: £3


President: Ïa Robert-Montaner

Gen Sec: Navya Nijil

Treasurer: Evalyn Usher

Publicity Officer: Shari Vockrodt

Director: Jack Newby

Assistant Director: Laiba Imran

Vocal Director: Sanjana Mamidipalli

Orchestral Director: Aishwarya Baskar

Choreographer: Chrissie Allen

Stage Manager: Poppy Baron

Assistant Stage Manager: Annabelle Taylor

Costume: Dilan Ozdemir and Sarah Hobbs

Technical Manager: Jess Shepherd

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