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Image by Ebun Oluwole

A108 Students

Foundation year? No worries!


President - John Smith (he/him) -

A108 Officer- Demi Merotohun (she/her) 

For this year you'll be spending most of your class time over at the campus at the Royal Derby Hospital. Very few students choose to live in Derby with most choosing to live in Nottingham to get the full uni experience! There's a free hopper bus that runs every day that most people use to commute to the Derby campus.

At the start of the year you'll be assigned medic parents who are usually A108ers in the years above. They're all very friendly and willing to answer any questions about studying, future years, or uni life in general so don't be shy and feel free to ask anything.

And finally/ relax. This year will be a lot less stressful than the ones to come so enjoy it and learn more about yourself

(Check out the 'Bedpans and Dipsticks' magazine for more tips and tricks)!

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