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Meet the Committee for 23/24

Presenting to you the fabulous new MedSoc Committee (2023/24)! We’ve been working all summer to make this year the best one yet, and we cannot wait to show you what we’ve planned. If you ever have any questions or suggestions throughout the year, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any one of us :)


President - Ria Bansal (she/her) 

Meet Ria: a true dichotomy. She’s the certified mum friend, whilst also being a total liability on a night out. She has a squeaky-clean persona, that you soon find isn’t all true (Don’t tell her mum!) Ria will always be there for you whether it’s for last minute library trips or big tesco stock ups. She’s the best support and shoulder to cry on but if she knows you’re okay she will tease you relentlessly.


A key skill of ria is definitely organisation and juggling many tasks at once, evident in the constant flow of personal tik toks we receive when she is revising. Ria is also always committed as she has a social battery that very rarely runs low, and if it does, watching married at first sight will never be turned down (Australian of course).


Truly everything you need in a medsoc president! Not to mention, her absolute mess of a halls room after a night out is truly the most presidential place since the Oval Office 😉

Vice President for Events - Lucinda Curtis (she/her) 

I could not think of a better individual to take on the role of vice president of events. She is the most creative, imaginative and inventive girl I know. This, combined with her incredible determination and dedication makes her the perfect person for this role. She has a contagious energy about her, she does not give up on things, and I have no doubts that she will do her best to provide the best and most exciting opportunities and memories for this cohort of medics. I know she has some new and exciting ideas up her sleeve and I cannot wait for her to begin, as I know she is going to bring a really fun and original touch to the events in line this year. She has only ever spread positivity and happiness, she is kind, thoughtful and someone you can wholeheartedly rely on.


Vice President for Activities and Welfare - Shazia Zakir (she/her) 

Introducing Shazia, your Vice President of Activities & Welfare! A Canadian from Calgary - not Toronto - who never fails to leave her room without her long winged eyeliner. You will find her waddling around campus with her lovely, big turtle shell rucksack that carries all her studying essentials. This fashionista is a friendly and enthusiastic individual who gives the best advice (and best hugs) for any problems you may have - making her a very good listener. Word of advice, make sure your problem doesn’t turn into a lecture as she has enough lectures to go through in Med School. She loves to shop and keeps fit so you will see her on the field doing cheer and in the gym too. She has a lot of things planned up for you all so stay tuned for the exciting events lined up!


Treasurer - Sanjani Murugesh (she/her)

Everyone meet Sanj, your MedSoc Treasurer for this year! Proudly from Liverpool, this scouser is one to look out for.Whether it’s helping you hit your PR’s at the gym, or going on a spontaneous trip to a Notts cafe, Sanj is your go to gal. Extremely sociable,this year’s treasurer has plenty of (budget-friendly) activities planned to make this year the best one yet. Even though she can definitely bench twice your body weight, don’t be shy to approach her, as she’s super friendly and will give you the best advice (and the best food if you’re lucky). Just a word of advice, don’t get between her and her oat balls, or else you won’t hear the end of it. Despite her track record of getting lost on top of volcano's for 7 hours, and cycling directly onto oncoming traffic, don’t let this fool you as she’s plenty responsible, and is the perfect person to look over expenses this year!

General Sec - Madeleine Lynchy (she/her)

Say hello to your all-new Gen Sec, Maddie - a person so organised she carries her academic planner wherever she goes. Maddie is hardworking, dedicated and determined to maintain her Anki streak no matter the cost, spending most of her time convincing herself she has the medical condition she is learning about. When she isn’t studying, Maddie enjoys long countryside walks (despite a crippling fear of birds), drinking coffee and scrolling on Pinterest pretending her life is a lot more aesthetic than it actually is. Her current personality traits include wearing crocs for any acceptable (and possibly unacceptable) occasion and forcing herself to enjoy gin with tonic instead of lemonade. Rather than getting a place at medical school or passing her driving test (albeit second time), Maddie maintains the best day of her life was winning a £100 Goose and Gander clothing giveaway. Despite her quirks, we have no doubts that Maddie will make an amazing Gen Sec, possessing all the qualities a MedSoc committee member requires, including the ability to bust some serious moves on the club dance floor; her hips certainly don’t lie.


Social Sec - Riya Patel (she/her)

Riya for MedSoc Social Sec!! This is what I’ve been saying since I met the girl and I’m so glad she finally gets to take on this role. There’s honestly no better fit as Riya always backs a motive; whether that’s clubbing or something chill like rollerskating. With a ‘never say never’ and a ‘I’m down if you’re down’ attitude, you know she will never let you miss out on exciting events and a good night out. She’s a social butterfly (when she needs to be) and always makes sure that everyone feels involved, having fun and feels safe. On an average day, you would catch Riya banging out work and gym during the day so she can go out at night (no clue when this girl sleeps). She will always be there for you - unless she’s sleeping, even her alarms will not wake her up or if she’s at Ink on a Saturday night (she loves it too much). Riya is my first port of call for songs so best believe music will never lack in her events, especially RnB. I have no doubt the socials this year will be fun. Hopefully she will make it to her own socials, she barely made it to her birthday this year haha.


Social Sec - Eve Yellop (she/her)

Introducing your social sec, Eve Yellop, better known as ‘bob eve’. Some may consider Eve to be a girl of many talents. Arguably, bed rotting would be number one, however she also has a proclivity for knitting which is somewhat impressive. If you want to find Eve, your best bet is at a Crisis Wednesday. Her commitment to crisis is completely unrelenting, even when Thursday lecture attendance is at risk. As a veteran clubber and a Nottingham local herself, she is equipped with all of the insider knowledge required for this role. Regarding her plans, she has promised the return of the infamous medic cocktail party to its former glory. The weight of expectation is immense. Eve, armed with her emotional support animal, Clive (a giant djungelskog), will make sure that medsoc events will be more than an awkward bar night where only 2 people in your year decided to show up. Nobody will be safe from getting carried away on a night out and leaving with a nickname that sticks with them till graduation. Get ready for hungover 9am dissections. I would tell you to enjoy the year but Eve will make sure that you don’t have to try!

President - John Smith (he/him) -

ENTs Officer - Harsha Menon (she/her)

I can guarantee you that you won’t find someone more committed to a task and as meticulous as the one-and-only, Harsha Menon. Maybe it’s the copious amounts of peach yoghurt that she eats weekly that results in her chilled personality, or perhaps it’s the fact that she will drop everything at the sight at an adorable kitten that makes her so relatable. She can, and will, do anything in her power to get hold of a 36 pack of blackcurrant flavoured fruit shoot, even if it means carrying it all the way back from a GP placement. Regardless, as shown through her incredible art skills and baking talent, you can be sure that she’s dedicated to her trade and mayyyy or may not be quite the perfectionist. She’s always more than happy to get along with others and enjoys some good friendly banter. I can confidently say, in addition, that her love for the piano knows no bounds, as does her passion (and apparently time) for a certain anonymous fps. Oh, and be sure to ask her to play badminton some time - but feel free to assess her ability yourself. No comment. Please give a warm welcome to your Medsoc events officer, and don’t worry, she doesn’t bite (most of the time).


Welfare Officer - Trisha Medimi (she/her)

Introducing your new welfare officer, Trisha: I couldn’t think of a better person for the job. She is the therapist of the friend of the group and the one I can trust with anything. On the outside, she may channel classy London girly but all it takes is a night out and three shots to bring out her feral side. Word of advice: don’t ever ask her to pour you a drink unless you want it to have an 80% alcohol content. When she’s not out, you can find her doing, well, just about everything. She plays the guitar for musical medics, is part of medics cheer, tutors, bakes, ice skates, runs and is a serious gym gal. Whatever activity you have in mind, she’ll always be down for whatever and can get along with literally anyone. Her two main downfalls are that she’s attended a grand total of three lectures in second year and also that she can be defeated by just a single slice of bread because of her coeliac disease (lol). She puts welfare first for herself and others so if you are looking for someone to just have a laugh with or sort out your entire life’s problems - Trish is the one!

Sponsorship & Fundraising Officer - Muna Agada (she/her)

Introducing your new MedSoc fundraising and sponsorships officer, Muna! She’s always down to try new and random experiences or places (a nude art class was definitely one of the more random things we’ve done). In her free time, you can find her at the gym, cooking something new or ticking another place off her bucket list. She always has the best recommendations if you want to try somewhere new in Notts, so she’s going to do great getting the MedSoc card back up and running!


President - John Smith (he/him) -

Publicity Officer - Ujanah Ofuyaekpone-Shombe (she/her) 

Introducing Ujanah, your new publicity officer! Some fun facts about her are that she's hardly in the country if she can help it, she has way too many piercings and has been known to take in stray cats permanently lol. In her role she’ll be sure to be a friendly first point of contact through the social media pages and make sure to advertise all the opportunities and events that are available to you guys. She's absolutely looking forward to the new year! :)

President - John Smith (he/him) -

Sports Officer - Amaan Ahmed (he/him) 


Meet Amaan, your new Sports Officer for MedSoc. A med student and fitness buff, Amaan lives for gym sessions, bodybuilding, and MMA. Football strategy chats and calorie counting are his jams, balancing his love for campus walks. Studying medicine fuels his mind, while coffee fuels his study sessions. From Lidl he enjoys food adventures with friends. Amaan's role promises an energizing twist to MedSoc's events, blending his sporting and medical interests seamlessly.


President - John Smith (he/him) -

International Rep - Ishani Young (she/her) 

Introducing Ishani, your international student rep from Malaysia. Being half tamil and half chinese, and having travelled all over the world, she definitely fits the description of being an international rep. If you ever want to talk to Ishani, you can always spot her stumbling her way to LT1 at around 9:15 for a 9am lecture with a tall pink cup that I am positive is empty most of the time but 'goes with the vibe.' Ishani often brags about her ‘talent' of cooking various international cuisines but do not be deceived. Regardless, I think ishani is perfect for international student rep - she is always happy to answer any questions and take suggestions if you can find her! (I highly recommend looking in crisis on a Wednesday night)


Societies Officer - Arvani Gill (she/her)

Meet Arvani, your new societies officer. Her friends would describe her as a bubbly and charismatic person, always equipped with a smile and a red bull, no seriously she has an endless supply. With all her wild and wondrous nights out, her motto for life would be ‘club, eat, sleep, repeat’. In that order of priority as well. She wields event planning skills of a wizard and is armed with playlists that could rival any DJ's, turning boring moments into a motive no matter what you are doing. When she’s not out clubbing, you can find her working out in the gym or backing any motive that comes her way, the girl is never sat at home. Will she be driving to the motive? No she doesn’t have a licence but still thinks she’s the best driver in notts, delusional is also a word we would use for her. Feel free to come and say hi to her in a LT1 lecture but she’s either rocking up late or napping her way through, so it’s probably not the best place to catch her for a chat. But don’t worry, she won’t have time to nap now as she’ll be your devoted and amazing societies officer. She will sure be an awesome part of the MedSoc team this year!

Charities Officer - Minnah Rashid (she/her)

From being the biggest Taylor Swift fan ever to exist, to having the voice of an angel to being a complete fashion icon, Minnah’s talents are endless. And not only does she do an impeccable Hermione Granger impression but her heart is quite frankly made of gold - I’m convinced she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. Although I’ve only known Minnah for almost a year, I can hand on heart say she is one of the most kind, generous and loveable people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I know that I can come to her with any problem, boy drama (and believe me there have been lots), query, medical topic I don’t understand, or help with some work and whatever the weather, she is always there to help, support and give advice; be it in food form, conversation or just a hug! I’m so excited for her to be Charties Officer as I know she is too and is looking forward to raising money for some brilliant charities through events, nights out and more. She will welcome with open arms any recommendation of specific organisations close to your hearts, and will be collaborating alongside the MedSoc team to achieving subsequent goals! So if you want to be informed about anything Harry Styles/Dominic Fike/T Swizzle/Oxford related, need a quick dinner recipe, need someone to teach you how to use Complete Anatomy or want to get in touch regarding charities…Minnah is your girl !


LGBTQIA+ Officer - Torsten Hansen (he/him)

Introducing Torsten, your brand new LGBTQ Officer! Enthusiastic and kind, you can always count on Torsten to give you thoughtful and honest advice, be it his R-rated anatomy mnemonics or a motivational pep-talk into not dropping out. When he isn’t reading aesthetically at Trent Cafe, you can find Torsten hunting the streets of Nottingham for free food or having a main character walk by the lake. In his free time, he likes to learn languages, swim, play basketball and steal clothes from his friends. If you see him around the medical school, Torsten loves to be greeted by people jumping at him out of no where, so don’t be shy! With his helpful and driven nature and love of medicine, I have no doubt that Torsten will make a fantastic LGBTQ Officer.


Website and Communications Officer  - Esme Beacham (she/her)

Meet your new website and communications officer, Esme! You probably won't see her around the University due to her crippling sleep addiction which she does nothing to try to overcome. When not asleep, you might find her upside down on the nearest pole in sight or just keep an eye out for the biggest forearms you could find on a human... ever. Despite a once irrational fear of needles, Esme has donated blood multiple times as well as donating her stem cells through Anthony Nolan (fear of needles?) so you might have seen her before on some of their ads #fameandfortune. If you ever do manage to track Esme down, know that she will always be happy to help with a smile (and probably saying "sorry" one too many times...). Whether you need advice or someone to go on the best night of you life with, she'll always be ready!

EDI Officer - Lakshan Rajalingam (he/him)

Lakshan is your new EDI officer for this year and I cannot think of anyone better for the job. He’s approachable and everyone loves him (except his flat mates who probably hate him from all the yelling he does while playing ps4 in the middle of the night.) If you’re ever trying to look for him, gym is probably your best bet - don’t try the lecture hall because he is rarely ever there (that’s a joke he’s really made an effort last year but that’s only because he lives closer to QMC now and doesn’t have an excuse anymore). His favourite place in medical school is probably the silent study in the library but don’t be fooled, it’s not because he wants to do some serious revision, it’s because it’s the best place for him to play some serious chess. It is his favourite past time and you’ll probably catch him playing a quick game of chess during lectures.

Picture 1.png

5th Year Rep - Sidiq Aboobaker (he/him)

5th Year Rep - Heather Gunn (she/her)

Shots are about to get fired with this Gunn on committee. If we’re honest, Heather should be in jail. The charge: possession of a deadly weapon, and we aren’t talking about her last name...she IS the ultimate weapon. From her Mary Berry-level bakes, to running for charity, there is nothing she cannot do. Heather gets everything done in style; she would turn up glamorously dressed for community service (Vogue, feature this woman asap). Whether she’s doing impromptu makeup tutorials in teaching sessions, or dropping iconic lines (and those facial expressionssss), she’s the sassiest joker out there. Heather will always brighten your weather (okay, last pun). On a more sentimental note, Heather has got the biggest heart. She always wants the best for those she cares about and she will do everything in her power to make that happen. Word of advice; you don't want to cross her…luckily for all you 5th years she is on your team. She’s never one to choose the easy life; the more challenging, the better. She never gives up and has more energy than all y’all (no seriously, does she even sleep?) 10/10 person, would friend again; we couldn’t be prouder and know she’ll be phenomenal on MedSoc as she is with everything!

GEM Rep - Summer Ashbury (she/her)

Meet Summer, your Graduate Entry Medicine Rep! All the way from the South West, she is one of the kindest people you'll ever meet (and also one of the busiest!). When she's not studying, volunteering, or working, you'll find her making the most of our Great British weather - she loves wild swimming and going for walks in the Peak District with her friends and her dog, Luna. Summer's love of her three cats rivals her dedication to medicine (And she has an endless supply of cute pics and videos of them to cheer you up when you need it!) She's always up for a chat and happy to help with any issues you may have throughout the year, so feel free to contact her anytime.


A108 Rep - Demi Merotohun (she/her)


Introducing Demi as A108 rep! So what can I say about Demi? She is always carrying a selection of tea in her bag not to mention her adorable mug for those mid exam breakdowns. And although she may not be hitting the clubs, she will burst out spontaneously into song and out sing you any day. Demi is a massive foodie and is down to hit a new restaurant any day. Be warned she will probably convince you to split a meal with her and try something you never thought you would. She can talk you ear off, when you need it and sometimes when you don’t. So if you just need someone to chat with she's always there with a smile. Demi is the most honest person I know and is not afraid to tell you when you’re wrong but will equally endlessly sing your praises if you're in the right. Helped by her impressive public speaking skills, I have no doubt she will work hard and do great things for the A108 students this year. She is the best person to do this job and I know she will make a brilliant A108 rep!


4th Year Rep - Manaal Malik (she/her)

Manaal will be the perfect 4th year rep and shes so excited to help MedSoc and to make 4th year as relaxed as she can (if that's possible)!

2nd Year Rep - Yena Kim (she/her)

Yena is a 2nd year medical student from South Korea. She'll be 2nd year representative this year with Charlie. Her aims in this role is mainly to promote better communication of the year group with the society and allow more interactions across year groups (ex. second years with first years). Her favourite MedSoc memory includes the MedSoc balls- she went to the welcome ball and winter ball last year and remembers having great fun at the venues dancing away with her friends. She also had medic pub crawl with out medic parents- it was a great time to build bonds with other year groups! As for societies- there are plenty offered by the medic society! She joined the musical medics this year where she performed for the Christmas and spring concert- it really allowed her to relax from her studies and bring back her old hobby- playing the flute. Another thing she really enjoyed were the workshops provided by scrubs- they range from hand ties to advanced suturing and it's really good if you are interested in surgery- you get to have full hands on experience with needles and strings. Yena's favourite place in Nottingham would probably have to be Korea House- it's a cosy little restaurant in Beeston where her friends and herself would go often on a Friday. The food and the ambiance there brings her back home and keeps her fueled for the week ahead. She also loves taking walks by the lakeside on campus and Wollaton park :)


2nd Year Rep - Charles Trumble (he/him)

I met Charlie (your new second year rep) walking back from Lidl and I haven't known peace since then. He’s a big fan of anatomy (ew), so be sure to ask him any questions you have on the subject as he’s likely the only one who’ll answer (everyone else will run away). He’s always been making sure lecturers press record in first year so I’m sure he will save our second year recordings too. You’ll probably be seeing him near the front of the lecture hall so feel free to contact him there. When Charlie isn't doing med things or talking about med things, he enjoys playing Candy, Brandy, Astra and Rose (his guitars) and convincing people to go climbing even though they're terrified of heights. He will give you enough chalk to supply a small nation though. He is one of the most sociable people I know (seriously, he can't go 5 minutes outside without seeing someone he knows) and loves meeting new people; if you're into rock and metal (especially Slash and Metallica) you'll probably be talking for hours. Be careful though: he'll probably convince you to go to cocktail society on a Monday night even though you probably should be studying. Despite the fact he spends 90% of his life in pyjamas, Charlie is one of the most hardworking people I know. He can always be peer pressured into any friendly competition and he’ll sweet talk his way into eating all of your food

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