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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to buy textbooks. Which ones do you recommend?
    You will be told once you arrive if there are any, and which books are highly recommended to get (e.g. for Anatomy the University generally uses Moore and Agur, Essential Clinical Anatomy). Textbooks are expensive, so we recommend waiting till you get to university as most books are available for loan at the Medical School Greenfield Library! Often your seniors will sell their books at reduced prices (just keep your eyes out for posts on your Facebook pages – just note that some of those books)
  • Should I buy a stethoscope before coming to university?
    Hold off on that! At fresher’s week there will be vouchers so you can get your stethoscope with 20% off!
  • I'm struggling with my studies. What should I do?
    Medical school can be strenuous, so we understand that some of you may find it difficult. Please don't suffer in silence - contact any of our Welfare reps for support!
  • Where can I find past papers?
    Past papers can be found on Examsys (formerly Rogo), which you can access via Moodle.
  • Are lectures recorded? And if so, where can I find them?"
    Lectures are usually recorded, but this is up to the lecturer! Lecture recordings can be found on Moodle.
  • How do I access my timetable?
    You can download the MyNottingham App for easy access to your personalised timetables, results, maps, email and even more!
  • How do I find a part-time job?
    If you apply want to apply for any part-time / temporary jobs, we suggest creating an account on Unitemps. You can find your local branch office in Portland Building, on University Park.
  • How are we assessed?
    40% is the pass mark unless otherwise stated. For further information visit the university policy on examination regulations:
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