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Your Sports Officer - Amaan Ahmed

Hi, I’m Amaan the sports officer for 2023/24. This year the medics sports will be ready and raring to welcome new faces and returning medics for a year of sport, fun and competition. Whether you fancy yourself a future club member or more of a spectator, there will be plenty to look forward to and get involved with. This year our sports teams will be re-entering NAMS competitions against other university’s medical schools, and featuring in IMS competitions against our very own UoN societies teams. Moreover, we hope to hold two varsity events against Birmingham and Leicester, carrying on from last years strong showcase of medics’ athletic talent. For more information and updates you can go to our home of medics sports @nottsmedicsport on Instagram and keep a look out on teams’ social media accounts for updates on try-outs, games and fixtures. All that being said and done lets get stuck into the sporting fun!

notts badminton.jpg

Badminton (Medics)


Men's Football (Medics)


Men's Rugby (Medics)

medics-basketball men.png

Basketball (Medics)

Screenshot 2022-10-31 at 13.30.52.png

Women's Football (Medics)


Cheerleading (Medics) 


Hockey (Medics)


Squash (Medics)


Cricket (Medics)

notts medics netball.png

Netball (Medics)

NUMFC & Tennis logos.png

Tennis (Medics)

Volleyball (Medics)

womens rugby.png

Women's Rugby (Medics)

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