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Teddy Bear Hospital

Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH) is a fun project for 3-7 year olds, which uses play to make young children more familiar with healthcare, so they know they don’t need to be scared when they go and visit the Doctor.

TBH clinics are run in nurseries, schools and rainbows at least once a week with transport and props provided. Each volunteer runs a station where children learn more about their health and what doctors can do for them. A committee member runs the clinic and helps out.

Membership Fee: £1


President: Libbi Burchnall

Vice President: Isobel Rowland

Gen Sec: Esther Sleigh

Treasurer: Georgia Shirley

SLOs: Alexandra Moody and Carys Williams

Training Officer: Hamza Latif 

Events Coordinator: James Short

Activities Coordinator: Ella-May Jennings

Senior Coordinator: Lucy Ward Publicity Officer: Naomi Bocaniala

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