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Wilderness Medicine Society

What you would do if you witnessed someone falling while rock climbing? How would you help if you found someone unconscious on a night out? What happens when someone gets a heat stroke in the desert? Would you be able to help during a shark attack?

If you have ever wondered how to react and what to do in these situations, wilderness medicine is the society for you! 

Everyone is welcome at Wilderness, including non medics and pre-clinical years. 

In our weekly teaching sessions you will learn how to manage medical emergencies, including basic first aid, A-E assessments, remote and extreme environments, mass casualties and so much more. The teaching sessions include theoretical knowledge that is crucial to the weekly theme and practical scenarios which will teach you the skills as well as communication tools you need in a pre-hospital environment. 

We also organise regular social events including walks, camping trips and club nights. 

As well as the regular teaching sessions and socials, you can look forward to our two main events: wilderness weekend and Wild Trials. 

Wilderness weekend is a weekend-long trip where we provide an immersive experience of pre-hospital medicine. 

Wild Trials is an annual national event where University Wilderness Medicine Societies compete in a range of pre-hospital scenarios conducted in the austere or non-permissive environment.


We hope that all the events we hold throughout the year will prepare our Wild Team! 

Keep an eye out for our upcoming sessions on our Facebook (Nottingham University Wilderness Medicine Society) and Instagram (@notts_wms) pages. 


We look forward to meeting you at our introductory session, if you have any questions feel free to DM us on Instagram or email us at:

Membership Fee: £1


President: Juliet Forsyth

Gen Sec: Rebecca Robinson

Treasurer: Rebecca Robinson

Welfare Sec: Alexandra Moody

Social Secs: Hazel King & Rhea Chopra

Publicity Sec: Anna Cicotti

Events co-ordinators: Alex Roche and Vaasudevan Lambotharan

GEM Sec: Matthew Pattle

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