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Street Doctors

A team of young healthcare volunteers empowering young people affected by violence to keep themselves and others safe.
We are the Nottingham branch of a national charity who deliver emergency first aid training to young people in partnership with schools, youth groups, pupil referral units and criminal justice services.  Our sessions cover the basic skills involved in haemorrhage control and managing unconsciousness. We aim to equip young people with the knowledge and confidence to become lifesavers.
Volunteering with StreetDoctors is incredibly rewarding and a great opportunity to develop your own teaching skills.

Membership Fee: £1


Co-Presidents: Simran Dhugga and Dilan Ozdemir

Treasurer: Alexandra Houlders-Worsfold

Welfare Secs: Ashrit Chohan and Malcolm Irem

Social Secs: Ashrit Chohan and Malcolm Irem

Communications Specialist: Aashlesha Galla

Liaison Officers: Hawawu Muazu and Harsa Tak

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