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IMAN (Islamic Medical Association Nottingham) 

Our aim is to promote positive Islamic values which enables professional and spiritual development for all healthcare professionals. We look forward to hold a range of socials and teaching events, starting off with our annual Meet and Greet! 

Membership Fee: £2


President: Zainab Hammad 

Vice-President: Abdul-Qaadir Al-Shekhly

Gen Sec: Saher Tariq 

Treasurer: Raza Shahid 

Events Heads : Aliya Ali and Ibrahim Mohammad

Publicity Officer: Kareemah Elahi

Social Media Manager: Anya Choudhury

Pre-Clinical Teaching Coordinator:

Mohamed Sameen Anodiyil

Clinical Teaching Coordinator: Umar Hussain

Education Coordinator: Tameem Rahman

Ex Officio: Nafeesa Quraishi  

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