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Staying at halls?

  • Advice for vegetarians/vegans – In catered halls of residence, you will always have a vegetarian option available. If you are vegan or have particular dietary restrictions, let your halls know when you arrive, and they will try accommodating for you.

  • Advice for Muslims – you have the right to halal food at every meal in halls. For clarity halal is defined as food that doesn’t contain pork and alcohol. Meat that is provided should be from a halal certified supplier. If served non-halal food or for further information contact Jonathan Hamblett (Catering Operations Director) at

Staying on off-campus accommodation? Visit the following links for useful tips:


Want to do your groceries? 

  • Tesco/ Sainsbury/ Lidl – for daily shopping and groceries

  • ASDA – located in Hyson Green, this supermarket contains almost everything you might need

  • Shariff and Sons – Indian supermarket in Hyson Green; stocks a variety of Asian ingredients and halal meats

  • The Hockley area in Nottingham has many East Ssian supermarkets such as Oriental Mart and Man Li Chinese Supermarket.

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